Five Of The Best WordPress Web Hosting Servers in 2022

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A service provider is nothing short of an angel. It is responsible for offering you loads of opportunities. These opportunities can be of any form. In 2021, what people love the most is starting an online business. This is because online business is an easier way to start a career. However, people require only one thing in this regard. And that is to have the company of an adequate web host. Web hosts are responsible for offering you the necessary tools and tips to establish your website.

What is WordPress?

Web hosting is a typical service that you know of. It is one of the popular services regarding online business and websites. This service offers you the option to create and establish your website. In addition, it helps you to become available on the World Wide Web. WordPress is a popular web hosting company. It offers you loads of tools to develop your website.

Five Best WordPress Web Hosting Companies to Choose From

It becomes easier when you have to choose from certain options. This gives you a chance to make sure what best suits you. Here is a list of the five best hosts that offer WordPress services to you.

1. Bluehost

Bluehost is known as one of the best web hosts. It has loads of iconic features on offer. If you love to have a lot of uptime, it is your go-to site with 99.95%. In addition, customer care and service support are some of the best aspects of the platform. The platform speed is spectacular and not many people report any service interruptions. In essence, if you are a new user, the basic starting price is low around $3. The easiness is on offer. This means, with one click, WordPress is at your fingertips.

The Con Side

If you love to switch between platforms, there is a certain barrier. If you subscribe to the lowest and cheapest plan, migration is an issue. For this, you have to switch to a higher version and then try shifting.

2. HostGator

HostGator is another great web hosting platform that offers some exquisite features. WordPress license is one of the top features. However, much more is on offer. For example, a spectacular uptime of 99.97% is the best of the lot. Considering the network speed, consider 267 of load time with unlimited bandwidth. Like Bluehost, the company offers some great customer support services. These include 24/7 live chat and other support.

The Con Side

Pricing is a key factor that looks good at once but bad the next. Although the starting price is low and budget-friendly. But you need to renew as well. And this renewal fare is set to be heavy on the wallet.

3. Hostinger

A great service provider with spectacular features is what Hostinger is. The numbers appear superb. For example, the load speed is phenomenal. We are talking about a speed of 347 ms. Additionally, the company offers easy WordPress website development. Good customer support is common with these WordPress websites. Moreover, the website offers free migration to other platforms. There is no necessity to spend big to avail shifting features.

The Con Side

On the contrary, Hostinger does not offer good space to its users. This means for most packages, the storage space is justifiable. For many, the only option to attain more space is to upgrade their package. Moreover, the uptime service is not ideal. 99.7% uptime is good but not ideal since the competition is too tight.

4. SiteGround

With each one, the features and specs begin to get better and better. Here we are talking about immense load speed as well as uptime. Free SSL and migration is an ideal and quality feature that gives space to users. Apart from this, the load speed is a gigantic one of 756 ms. If you love speed and uninterrupted service time, this is the one for you. Additionally, the uptime is 99.99% which is the highest.

The Con Side

The negative side is all about money. This is a service provider that will take the cash from your wallet. There is not a single free domain available by this service provider. In essence, the platform has expensive packages which do not appease all. Thus, they need to consider their rates. Else, everything is spectacular.

5. A2 Hosting

Not everything that seems good is good. And not everything that looks average is average. This sits perfectly well with A2 Hosting. A2 Hosting offers some decent services on paper. However, the results speak louder than words. This is evident from the fact that the platform offers exceptional bandwidth. There are no interruptions of any sort. Moreover, this platform is considered the fastest WordPress hosting platform. For an enhanced service, the company offers optimized servers for WordPress as well.

The Con Side

The bandwidth is great but you need to top that with speed. The loading speed is low around 279 ms. 99.7% of uptime is average considering the competition. In essence, it is easier to start here than to renew. The renewal rates are higher which is not ideal for new users.

Notable Mentions

  • GreenGeeks (good and decent load speed however the renewal charge is great)
  • InMotion (everything relating to experience is great but uptime is not)
  • DreamHost (easy monthly payment option however the speed and uptime need upgrading)

The Final Verdict

This is not a harsh one but requires your attention. You will never find all positives in a single service. Similar is the case with negatives. Thus, you need to highlight which is the favorable option for you. What most people these days love are speed and exquisite service.

For me, SiteGround is the best WordPress web hosting server. The highest load speed, as well as uptime, will offer some great time for you. Apart from this, Bluehost seems fine too. It has all the decent features so you start up well. Apart from migration, everything is fine on your budget as well. Select the platform that is favorable for your business.

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